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Stan Parsons

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Stan Parsons retired from banking in 2014, moved to Ophelia, and frolicked on the water until 2017, when he began writing feverishly. He polished up "The Children’s Rights War" and "What Happened, Randi" then set "CoriAnn Aground” in Virginia’s Northern Neck. "The Stovepipe Chess Club" followed, set in 1931 in a Chesapeake Bay fishing town. He enjoyed researching and writing about the Great Depression and his next book, "God Sent A Tramp," is also early 1930’s and began the series, The Gannaby Family. "As The Dust Falls" and “The Blossoming” followed, as did twenty of his short stories bundled into "When Shadows Shine."

Character-driven Coming of Age and Historical Fiction became his primary genres. The plot lines are exciting though the books are essentially character-driven. Stan enjoys using dialogue to describe what characters think and feel, and describing settings and scenes. He has two author-read audio books, "The Stovepipe Chess Club" and "What Happened, Randi" at and an AI Novella, The Ridges, at Google Books. Narrating was fun, rewarding, but taxing; and it kept him from writing.

When asked why he writes Historical Fiction and Coming of Age, he replied, "I was raised by the generation that dealt with the Great Depression and WWII, heard about them all my life, respected the generation, and was drawn to write about it. As for Coming of Age, I’ve known people who display traits I desire. They are good listeners, show interest in and care for others, they’re helpful, they love. They are joyful, content. I’ve watched others around them become aware of these qualities and begin to develop them. I’ve seen how they support each other, deal with problems and tragedies, and grow. My books have at least one character with those traits, and their example and guidance help other characters Come of Age.

"Perhaps I write Coming of Age because I crave it for myself."

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