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Joyce Stedelbauer

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The intrigue of watching the printed word roll off the huge presses in her father’s newspaper started Joyce’s love of writing. She became the newspaper correspondent for her first grade class in Horace Mann School, Sedalia, Missouri. “Ink in her veins” flowed freely. In college, she was the literary editor of her school’s prize-winning yearbook.


A member of the Poetry Society of Virginia, she has belonged to the National League of American Pen Women for more than forty years. She is also a charter member of the Williamsburg Poetry Guild.


Over the years, Joyce has circled the globe, mostly with her husband representing service organizations, meeting people where they are, discovering their needs, and helping them to maximize their resources.


She has served as an inspirational conference speaker, continues to teach two weekly Bible studies, and is always involved in community and church work. 

George and Joyce were sweethearts at Wheaton College, married on graduation weekend. Hand-in-hand they celebrated life and faced challenges for sixty-four years. They are blessed with a daughter and son, their wonderful spouses, five grandchildren, and one great granddaughter.


Joyce has authored six previous books and a multitude of poems in all genres, but this book is the most personal of her work. A friend asked her to write about this new time in her life with the goal of encouraging others who are learning to live again after the death of a loved one.

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