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Caterina Novelliere


Caterina is passionate about history, music, romance, old languages, and travel. She regularly intertwines these subjects in her Servants of Morrigan: Four Horsemen Series and in Tale of Rouen, a romantic tale that combines fantasy, time travel, and historical fiction.

She holds a degree in Music Management with a minor in Vocal Performance from Old Dominion University in Virginia, a second B.A. in History with a minor in Italian from the University of Texas San Antonio, and a M.A. in Public History from Texas State University. As part of her studies, Caterina studied abroad in Italy and England. She took full advantage of her time overseas to conduct research for her coursework and literary works. While she is a fan of all history, her heart resides in Antiquity. An obsession with cappuccino and Greek coffee started her down a path of researching commodities and gastronomic history in her free time.

If you would like to connect with Cat or learn more about her books, please visit her website: You can also find her on Facebook @CaterinaNovelliere or Instagram: @chantueserouge.  For all the other locations she frequents and to follow her podcast Cat-astrophic Ramblings, please check out her link tree:

My Books

My books are available on Amazon.  If you click on the title, it'll take you to the book's page.  Thank you for supporting my work and the work of the Writer's Guild. 

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