Marketing through our partnerships with the Book Warehouse in Williamsburg, Va.

All too often, authors tell us the same thing:
I despise marketing. 
When you think of marketing your book, what comes to mind? Are you a shady car salesman? That person who is always yelling, “BUY MY BOOK! BUY MY BOOK!”on Facebook? True author promotion, we believe, is about connecting with the right readers for your work. Your books are being served to readers who specifically request them. But who wants to sit at a table all day waiting for the right reader to appear? And don’t even get us started on authors who are introverts. 
Writing and publishing a book is one thing; selling it is another.

The Writers Guild of Virginia (WGV) and Book Warehouse in Williamsburg, Virginia have entered into a marketing partnership. The Book Warehouse agrees to allow us exclusive use of a portion of their bookstore.  This  promotes sales and brand recognition of  WGV members including book signings, book launches, and  public readings. We host Friday night events at the Book Warehouse with refreshments. This partnership is offered to our members and no cost to them. All proceeds from sales go directly to the author.

I am interested in applying for the Book Warehouse/WGV partnership. Please send me additional information.


Thanks for your interest!