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The Writers Guild of Virginia

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New Books By Our Members


Do memories help us to better understand ourselves? Do the voices of the past contradict the delight our curiosity of them demands? Are memories more than just shadows of souvenirs that we place on shelves in our subconscious, waiting for a passage from a book, a line from a poem, or words from a song to flip a switch that can bring a specific memory to light? Garrett surmises that memories are all the joys and sadness we have packed away in a suitcase waiting to be opened; baggage that we accumulate as we go through life. Sometimes memories give us a place to come to when we need an escape from this moment. They are all the people and places we have left behind and then meet unexpectantly down the road.

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Fishmas Cover.JPG

Join Sandy the Seagull in a magical romp through this version of The Twelve Days of Christmas. Sharks, turtles and other sea creatures add a new dimension to this beloved poem.

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